February 7, 2023

Music Marketing Tips For The Holidays!

Community sounds like a great gift.

Mayuyuka Kaunda

In a previous article we posed the question, What Ever Happened To Hip Hop's Christmas Spirit?. We asked this because the holiday season is a great moment to try to impact - not only the charts - but the lives of fans. There's always a holiday around the corner so here are a few end-of-year strategies to try tweak and achieve exactly that:

Capture Your Fans’ Festive Mood In Song

A Christmas classic, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” is a great example of how central music is to people’s most treasured moments. Apart from the endless potential like syncs in commercials, brand partnerships and possibly reaching a wider audience; the song underscores how a creative approach to both holiday music and the buttery pop song can literally pay dividends. More importantly; the song’s success shows us that when artists craft holiday songs that become favorites, their fans’ yearly revisits to the tracks can lead to lifelong relationships that can be leveraged in many ways.

Take The Opportunity To Send Personalised Gifts

Alvaro Serrano (Unsplashed)

With the annual Spotify Wrapped revealing an artist’s top supporters over the course of the year and Spotify enabling artists to record video messages for their top fans; the opportunity for artist and fan interaction through digital mediums is increasingly being embraced across the board. Artists showing appreciation for their fans is always a nice touch and the jolly nature of holidays provides a great opportunity to do so. Gifting can include several things and can be purely digital - a voice note, personalized post on social media or online ticket raffle can be pretty effective ways of keeping fans feeling appreciated.

Involve Your Fans

Hannah Busing (Unsplashed)

Building a relationship with fans is always key and creating memorable moments can be a fun joint exercise. Artist crowdsourcing from their community of supporters is a thoughtful way of strengthening that bond. A few cool activities could be a community-gathered, holiday themed playlist, a collective photobook made on a social media platform or even collectively choosing a charity or cause to support. For more tips for artists, you can revisit our live Q&A with author and creative consultant Big Sto here.

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