January 2, 2023

A Year Of Stan

Mayuyuka Kaunda

As we enter a new year here’s a recap of Stan’s preceding year, which kicked off our quest to help build mutually beneficial communities around art. Along with the many magical moments that took place across fandom communities; Stan was honored to play a leading role in embracing fan-focused approaches by creators.

Our inaugural conference was ‘Going Global With KIng Promise’ where the Ghanaian star touched on his rise, fan acquisition strategies and catering to international audiences. You can listen to the conversation above:

After the resounding success of the ‘Going Global’ where the focus was on how artists can accumulate their first 1000 fans, Stan hosted two StanCon events in New York and London in partnership with NATIVE. These conferences brought to the fore industry insights, fandom trends and professional case studies to evaluate the intersection of tech, community and music. Our esteemed speakers across the two dates included Tatiana Cirisano, Seni Saraki, Charlie Kaplan, Jaime Billotti, Kofi Kyei, Erikan Obotetukudo and Keith Jopling.

At the tail end of the year, Stan launched its ‘Fans Of…’ playlist, to help spotlight upcoming artists from around the world. By sharing the sounds of artists we’re fans of, we underlined our intention to be an active participant in the communities we seek to build. Here’s to another year of building, which will involve the launch of our interactive Standom app - where artists, fans and fan page administrators can engage in the digital sphere.

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