March 17, 2023

The Segmentation Of Celebrity

Why Superstars Need To Maintain Relatability.

Denisha Kuhlor

Internet culture has led to the segmentation of celebrity: attainable versus unattainable fame. Ice Spice, Cardi B, and Lil Nas X have mastered sustaining this type of fame as it thrives on their ability to be relatable on a mass scale. Lets look at how authenticity fuels success:

The Kardashians shifted our perception of fame, simply by documenting their journey. Fans were able to witness Kim’s meteoric ascent from upper middle class to elite in a way that made them feel that they could attain that as well. Similarly, today's new class of fame is very transparent about their path to it - making consumers hungry for these “come up stories” and the people's champs. The cycle of fame is... the more famous you get the more unattainable it becomes, making way for a new peoples champ. Cardi B and Ice Spice highlight this juxtaposition perfectly.

From the beginning Cardi B acknowledged and prioritized relatability in everything that she did. From voicing concern about rising grocery prices to a partnership with Mcdonald’s. In her own words she raps:“I can buy designer but that Fashion Nova fit” (of her choice to wear more cost effective clothing) and “I know that I am rich, but I can’t help it I am hood as f***” (of her inability to fit in with the “elite” circles her money has given her access to). Cardi’s success grew so massively that she's slowly transitioning from attainable fame to the perception of unattainable fame - the perfect wedge to cement Ice Spice as the newest hometown hero.

Ice Spice got people's attention with her breakout song “Munch”. Many pegged her as a one-hit-wonder, especially after a lackluster initial Rolling Loud debut, only for her to emerge bigger and better than ever in a short space of time.Speaking on the 'Munch' video Ice Spice tells Dazed: “I shot that video in the park that I would go to every day growing up after school,” she remembers. “I would be there all the time. The people in the video are friends, and it was a vibe, it was a fun summer day.” With all eyes on Ice Spice, lets see how she navigates and documents the expectations of attainable fame. Remaining authentic in a 'new environment' presents one of the hardest challenges for artists trying to maintain their relatability.

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