January 10, 2023

Embracing Diversification, Through The Lens Of Mr Eazi

A portfolio spanning tech, sports, and culture.

Mayuyuka Kaunda

Recently, head of Mavin Records Don Jazzy announced the opening of his fast food and beverages company Jazzy’s Burger. Having explored everything from internet services, fashion, NFTs and real estate, the multi-talented founder has business interests just as varied as his skillset. His new venture got us thinking about the importance of artists embracing diversification and finding ways to leverage their brands and substantial followings. Enter fellow Nigerian musician and Banku Music record label owner Mr Eazi, who is perhaps the most prominent example of the diverse investment playbook and a great case study. Here’s a brief look at his varied portfolio and the different fields he has interest in. 

(Re-) Investment In Music

A recipient of a Latin Grammy, Mr Eazi is a distinguished creator in the African music scene. He has successfully leveraged his creative success to plough back into the industry through  musical talent incubator emPawa. The hub is geared towards upcoming, independent artists and offers them in-house management, publishing, distribution and finance services. With the concept proving its scalability outside of NIgeria; emPawa has benefitted artists across the continent - including Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, DR Congo, Kenya, South Sudan and Togo. Alongside that, he is the founder of Detty Rave - an EDM styled festival that boasted over 11 000 attendees in its most recent edition.

Investment In Sport

As we touch on in a previous feature article, sport and music make for great bedfellows and share the characteristic of having highly engaged fanbases. With his investment in the Ghana Premier league through a sponsorship via betPawa; Mr Eazi merges both these worlds. The addition of digital betting makes for a sustainable project that will help fuel the growth of Ghana’s favorite sport. betPawa aims to tap into the country’s love for football through enhanced promotion, marketing and advertising; entrenching itself in that market in the process. 

Investment in Tech

Through his investment firm and financing vehicle Zagadat Capital, Mr Eazi has stakes in projects such as the African Music Fund, Paisa and pawaPay. The musician's interest in tech-driven platforms harkens back to his beginnings as the startup founder of the Phonetrader platform. His journey has come full circle as he seeks to invest in startup hubs in developing nations. A look at his portfolio reveals how Mr Eazi has used his art as a vehicle for building a following, finding strategic partnerships, creating value and building a legacy. 

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